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The thriving industrialization and development in our area occasionally results in unwanted toxins, chemicals, or substances being introduced to our air, water, or land.  Toxic tort litigation addresses cases in which individuals have suffered injuries from coming into contact with toxic substances at their homes, job sites, or during recreational activities.  These toxins may be released into air or water by factories, may be the result of illegal dumping, or may be the result of improper disposal of toxic materials.  


Exposure to toxic materials may cause a range of injuries, including serious illness, birth defects, and organ damage.  Depending on the facts of their case, victims of toxic exposure may be eligible for a range of damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, physical and mental pain and suffering, and costs to replace damaged property.


If you have been exposed to toxic materials, contact Cater & Associates, L.L.C. immediately to discuss action needed to minimize harm from the exposure, the applicable law and deadlines for filing, and the legal options available to you.