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Medical malpractice litigation involves lawsuits against doctors, nurses, hospitals, or other health care professionals for injuries sustained as a result of their negligent medical treatment.  These complex cases usually require expert review and analysis of the medical treatment provided.  


The Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act sets out specific guidelines that must be followed in medical malpractice actions, including a series of precise deadlines and administrative steps plaintiffs must consider when pursuing claims of negligent medical treatment.  Victims of medical malpractice have only a limited time to pursue claims of medical malpractice.  Depending on the state where the malpractice occurred and the facts of the particular case, the window for filing may be as short as one year from the date the negligent treatment occurred.  


The attorneys at Cater & Associates, L.L.C. have extensive experience and expertise in handling medical malpractice claims.  If you believe you have been the victim of medical malpractice and have questions about your case or our firm, then please call or email us to arrange a consultation.