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If you have been injured by a product that was defective or inherently dangerous, you may have a tort claim against individuals or entities, including the manufacturer of the defective product under products liability law.  Products liability laws expressly provide the guidelines under which a plaintiff can recover against a manufacturer when a plaintiff suffers damages that were proximately caused by an unreasonably dangerous product that the plaintiff was using in a reasonably anticipated way.


Under products liability law, a product can be unreasonably dangerous in any of the following ways: (1) a manufacturing defect, which made the product deviate in a substantial way from other identical products rendered the product unreasonably dangerous; (2) the product was unreasonably dangerous because of its inadequate warnings; (3) the product's design rendered it unreasonably dangerous; or (4) the product is unreasonably dangerous for failing to conform to an express warranty.


Product liability claims are subject to statutes of limitations that vary by state, some of which are as limited as one year from the date of the injury or damage from the product.